African Queen Twenty Eighteen Organic Black Seed Soap with shea butter

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I was going to trim these huge hunks of goodness. Make them really pretty. I can't do that!
I’ve decided to just leave them the way they are , all the grit and splendor included.
yes it will be an interesting wash with these. Clove is wonderful at the end of a day to soothe and take away aches and pains of high work life.
Here we have an evolution of the queenie..queen because of the rich shea butter soap base loaded with organic cold pressed olive oil!

**the happy queen..who knows that there were not thieves running in the night stealing dead bodies because they rubbed clove on themselves to make themselves immune..during the dark ages. That is a story bad whores tell the masses so that they buy all the magical oils they can sell and lie about.
(sorry, I rant)
It is not a lie that clove oil is antiseptic and contains enough salicylic acid to numb pain just a little bit. It takes the edge off for sure and brings a sense of balance.
Like a calm confidence that requires no proof. Like an actual queen who has high regards and makes every one laugh and have a wonderful time, fleeting as these moment may be, they leave a lasting happy memory in your brain.

I love clove though. I took many oils together and made clove happier and more vibrant than ever.
clove oil
cinnamon oil
lemon oil
rosemary oil
**other :)
ground black seeds
(black cumin seeds)

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