Modern Man Shea Butter Cream with raspberry and calendula oils skin care delicious


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Not just for men.

Ever since I made modern man that first time until now, I make a pretty big batch. I keep smelling and smelling and adding a drop more of this and that would be more patchouli and more lavender and more amber notes..I love that on a though, blue cypress leads the it a top note..a little bit yes, because modern man has basil oil and holy basil and a couple of other grasses. Modern man is a woodsy fougere if there were one.
That is just the scent here.
The shea butter is white and cleaned with hot water.The shea butter is white and cleaned with hot water.
I like one that does not have that raw shea scent..I don't mid it too much with vanillas but when it comes to lavender for example..i like a clean platform.

shea butter
organic sunflower seed oil..nice smooth carrier no scent
organic raspberry seed oil co2...
organic calendula oil co2
organic rose hip oil
organic cranberry seed oil
organic tomato seed oil

modern man blend
blue cypress
holy basil
clary sage

This balm is so nice after a shave. Ladies you can use it on your legs and arms and anywhere really. It melts directly on the skin without being runny. As with all buttery balms, damp skin is essential for best absorption of nutrients while at the same time softening the skin and allowing for elasticity and freshness.

Lavender comes out beautifully here and I know you may be wondering why there is is not a topper top note? Basil is pretty toppish and so is clary sage.


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