Three Queens Mask Cleanser organic raspberry black and grape seed mask



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Aztec Clay
Organic grape seeds
Organic black seeds
Organic raspberry seeds
Organic olive oil
Manuka honey
Black raspberry seed oil
Organic rose hip seed oil

Pure essential oils
4 ounces

Here we have a rather firm looking face scrubber. I balanced the three seeds ground up fine and organic and then added the right amount of clay and raspberry seed oil co2. Just beautiful as a blend in dry form. Mixed together you get the unusual dark caramel colors. we are not here for colors. I merely mention them because to me it is stunning that each oil, each plant adds its own light absorbing tones.
I am talking about real toning though. Real scrubby delightful finishing face wash.
First you wet the material to form a loose slurry. Then you gently roll on your face and leave it there as you rinse you hands and add more hot water to you hands and a little bit of hot water on your face and neck again this time gently rinsing the seedy goodness off and patting your face dry. Not too dry. Let some air dry your face as you now apply a little balm or serum or your favorite moisturizers.
(listen, this is the time your face is most tender and kind of like a sponge. Are you going to feed you skin some poison in a spray bottle or think about each ingredient? The ones you can control, at the least.)

I chose lavender oil as a universal oil in a scrub that anyone can enjoy.
I was going to offer varieties but, I think it was a wasteful idea.
Lavender! Wild! Organic!

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so good, you can control the consistency as you add water and treat your face to the goodness

Oh, what to say. Ethereal. I feel like I'm dabbling on pure, sensuous love with this gorgeous perfume. Everything Anastasia makes is of such superior quality and made with such talent that I don't believe I have every found anything that even compares. Her products are one of the greatest gifts I give myself and I am so grateful she makes them available to us. Thank you as always.

✨✨✨We are Goddess and every day we should be bathing in Ana’s exquisite potions✨✨✨

Great scrub. Skin looks radiant.

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