Earth Dog Cypress Sandalwood Perfume Oil Year Of The Dog

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I wanted to make something interesting to honor the dog, the year of the dog.
Now, I am no Chinese astrologer but word has it, that I am a it is time to look at the dog stuff in that field of myths.. lol

Knows duty, ,like sandalwood, slowly developing as he she grows to make the best smelly wood in all time?

loyal, anyone would say that about a dog..think about how much you are willing to serve and who..

steady..comes with comfort and security

protective...yes of not leave things unattended.. aware of every weird thing before you engage.

ah the dog..they say he goes great with horses but even they can trample you if you get too too close to their wild shy..

hard working
hard thinking
may I say cunning? I do not know if planning comes in that light..planning, working things through with dog enthusiasm and singing a song to yourself...

I started with sandalwood from Eden and White lotus...both worthy!
Cypress oil and a few drops cedarwood, black pepper, moringa (much like cumin only gentler and cardamom.
There is a shot lemon!

There is an earthy grounding here but the true rewards are when you just get soft velvety sandalwood as the dry down continues. I added a little bit cedar wood oil and a drop bergamot.
Sandalwood is funny. There is long period where there is shyness and you only get the cardamom on the day I mixed this blend..
Today 24 hours later, I get so much more and more..oh my! I need to think on this and perhaps it will be a nice blend for just the few who care about it..I will wear this today and hear reactions..
to be continued...

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Love, love, love this perfume serum!

Every time I write a review for Anastasia, I feel like I need to dust off my poetry skills to truly encapsulate what her products do for me. Otherworldly, that's this woman's skill and talent in making these intimate products - things we slather and absorb into our bodies. She is a force. I can't explain how beautiful her products. Try them for yourself and you'll understand. Thank you, Anastasia, love every last drop xoxoxo

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