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Why you can use this gele' balm as anything you want. A face wash with a hot shower rinse , this way is my favorite. In particularly the tansy is beautiful this time..I have made this simply and yet the scent may be intoxicating and the most needed times..yes?

Galbanum with its green sharp edge and soft dry down with myrrh and goodness..more of a perfume there. Rub it on the bottoms of your feet so that you may arrange yourself in a steadfast and lingering successful way.
Myrrh and galbanum in my spell is about holding strong to your knowledge and being sharp lingering joy..bitterness in life and losses..all hold us to what we are right now.

Patchouli orange blossom is about remembering some of our past love affairs and remembering how sweet some moments were. How sexy and can never be duplicated no matter how much we pretend.
Orange blossom oil, patchouli, bed time, powdery, classic...mmmm

The killer bee balm is the same killer bee astxanthin balm I always serve. I am making it a little bit looser here and I hope you enjoy it. Some love this and others pass on it.
Me, I always go for the whore..
Chypre, deep, sultry, animalic, lingering, yesssss

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