Companionate Truths a frankincense jasmine opanax galbanum and tea experience for the timid lover of living

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Let me begin by saying that I love soap making and trouble shooting. I get inspired by ideas and the run with them as long as I have all the ingredients needed for complete satisfaction in soap craft.
Yes soap craft! Soaping is an evolving art form. I am constantly evolving.
This is when you make your (my own)own thing in every thing that you touch.
You leave a thumb print or a dusting of yourself. I hope you feel really good every time you suds up!

If you turn a mushroom upside down for an hour or so, you will see a negative on the paper. We as humans do the same thing and this is why our thoughts and our words are powerful.
This soap has no mushrooms in it okay! We both evolved from the same thing and then split at some point a long long time ago and it is still not about mushrooms! It is mostly about your touch, your thoughts, compassion, shedding jealousy, shedding fear, being content and always knowing you are not alone. Be sure your own dust print is compassionate and not lousy.

Here is a nice bar, unique and not too stinky because when you add up all the opanax and frankincense and jasmine and galbanum and tea and cardamom, you get extravagance and you get a different sort of vibe which is filled with wonderment and really at the end of the day simple goodness is extravagant. Compassionate truths are where it's at!

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