A Tonka Vetiver Vanilla Tobacco Soap Experience

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This blend is odd for sure!
Tonka is odd!
Don't you think?

It is very base and I know it. I am very base.
Please don't think there aren't any top notes because I have snuck them in in a sexy soft way.
You needn't ponder if the powdery finish will be there, it will and this is day one as i write this.
I want the jasmine to kind of float its way to where it needs to be. i want to now fake it and pretend it is not in there. It is and I put enough so it is a little bit dirty now.
The vanilla will take a few days (she thing vanilla can be) and by the time you get this bar if you want to, you will then, grasp my fantasy intentions for this scent..Cocoa? I want it because in soap, yes!!!

Take a bar of this. I cut them really fat too.
jasmine a very good one(eden)))
orange blossom
organic cedarwood oil

There is more to say, as I have a frankncense resin which I have cooked for 12 hours and made the mylk..so cool.
I used a big bunch of murru murru butter because I want to try new fats from Africa, I loves them!
Raw shea and murru murru butter which is a hard fat and smells like peanuts which are boiled.:)
Look at me! It is rough, and I know it. I am a rough one.

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Lovely!!! A sweet and woodsy scent. The Tonka Amber is nicely spiced and Moss on Neptune is bitter, herbal, and invigorating. It also has a sweet smell to it and an aquatic feel. Absolutely recommend anything anastasia creates 💖

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