Boswellic Ointment super strong frankincense



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Organic clean skin care!
Will not come in those vials as I have blue glass at two ounces.

This is very intense skin care leading to intensive purpose for use.

Big stuff

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Every time I write a review for Anastasia, I feel like I need to dust off my poetry skills to truly encapsulate what her products do for me. Otherworldly, that's this woman's skill and talent in making these intimate products - things we slather and absorb into our bodies. She is a force. I can't explain how beautiful her products. Try them for yourself and you'll understand. Thank you, Anastasia, love every last drop xoxoxo

There is nothing that Anastasia does that isn't magical. I adore her. I adore everything that she makes. I'm moving into my old crone years now. The potions and lotions from Eleneetha are one of the greatest gifts I give myself. Everything she makes has a current of depth running through it that you just can't find from some factory made product. You know how food, prepared with love, is infinitely better than anything you can buy? Ya, that's it exactly. Thank you, again and again and again, Anastasia. You keep this old whore feeling like a drenched goddess. xoxo

Like butter, it goes great on everything--hair, skin, etc!

The boswellic ointment is fabulous, I use it for massage. I've used it on my forehead and neck for headaches. I also had a very itchy bite the other say and it took the itch out immediately and dried it up. This is easily my sixth purchase of the boswellic ointment. It's very heady. The blue heaven skin treatment is divine. My face says thank you for loving me. Your products are inspiring and beautiful.

I've been putting this on everything-potent stuff.

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