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Anti aging? Maybe, what with all the of the micro nutrients in these super seed oils, you are going to feed the skin! Feed your cells with rich nutrient components from plants!
High in omegas and vitamin e and naturally fragrant with healing rose oil. That is all you need. Nothing else!
I have strategically combined all-natural, cold-pressed seed oils to take advantage of their naturally amazing synergies.

This serum is a powerful blend of chia, black cumin and carrot seed oils!
There is rose of course. I love it for everything on the skin. I love it because it soothes and promotes open heart and love for your very percious skin clells..more than that, rose has so many components to heal, I do not know to list them all. How do you pass that by?

It is expensive? Yes!
You are worthy to have all these great oils on you, as am I!

Would you like me to list the whole ingredient list?
Look to your upper right corner..
You will synthetics.

sodium benzoate
or potasium sorbate
no heat added

all cold pressed oils here

It will be served to you in a simple glass vial. One Ounce. 30 mls..xo

After you wash your face or while all warm and moist after your shower, you'll take a drop or two and you'll apply gently yet deeply in to your skin. I would like you to use rose hydrosol afterwards because it is so beautiful with cold pressed oils, leaving your face soft and fluffy.

I love to use rose hydrosol through the day and before bed time.
It is really the only way in my conclusions.
You'll love it.

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new batch - new season - happy skin

Love this oil! Smells wonderful!

Anastasia gives her customers value. What she wants for herself. I've seen that in the arc of ordering from her. I found her in search of fine soap made with excellent butters and exotic essential oils. There are two people on the planet who can make soap like she does. So I started trying her line. THIS SERUM! Even the blue bottle for this shows care and quality. The ingredients are all the best and you immediately feel that. It feels healing and emollient and has pushed past my existing regimen.

repeat - new batch - new season - happy skin

Moisturizing and lifting .. Thank you, love this so much

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