Pluto Potion An Intensly Perfumed Beeswax Balm



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Made of bees wax into a jelly with organic extra virgin olive oil and pure essential oils.
I have been working on something kind of warm and musky for you and me. To bring the law of attraction directly at our feet, here and now offering rare treats in orders to explore and harness powerful and always glorious feats..

Please allow me to share this with you so that you can enjoy is heady sexy vibe.
I said sexy and warm and sweet and sultry..
Patchouli, old Sumatran
With ylang ylang and vanillas and sweet organic sweet orange essential oil, with frankincense too, enough to hold the orange down before it can dissolve in to ether..
i have secretly added a few drops orange blossom absolute and a little more'll stay on you all day and into your hot steamy nights!

I wore this the other day and every one stopped me to say I smelled divine. I know!

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Thank you for your awesome purchase.


This is quite possibly the most delicious thing I've put on my body in a very long time. A very welcome, and delightful remembrance. Thank you!

Dense, rich, deep, unique, unforgettable. And it will last me forever!

I always love it, always ships out fast and is great.

Fabulous patchouli and I love the texture of the balm!

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