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I am using a very generous amount of vetiver in this soap. The price point is the result of my extravagance...
This is a soap you gift to yourself and not to be wasted on the whole family. They will use it like piggies and then you will remember how good it was and never forget its magnificent projection.
You keep this for yourself. Cleanse with it and then tell me how you feel. I know it will be very happy is how you will feel.

I have made this 8 bar soap block with 4 ounces of organic vetiver..oh, yea, I did. I added a little bit choya and a little bit sandalwood from a perfume I made which also has the cardamom. Cardamom and sandalwood together make me swoon when a man wears them and well, you might already know how I feel about a warm man who wears vetiver!

I would consider this bar as a friend to the old whore, lingers but not of sweetness and patchouli, lingers like vetiver always should, a long time and mixed with your own clean body musk.
I mean really!

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Thank you for your awesome purchase.


I love everything Ana does.💜💜💜

This Vetiver soap and eleneetha's Super Fine Patchouli soap are my absolute favorites that I have used for years. No more searching around and experimenting... The Best is Here. Superb aromatherapy experience and good on the skin. Gosh I'm grateful : )

I love vetiver and I love this soap. I am finding that most soaps can be very irritating to me and this one only soothes and lathers perfectly. I smell amazing. I have gotten a lot of compliments on how good I smell. Someone said I smelled like a spa which to me is a great compliment. Enjoy!!

Pure MAGIC, cant get enough

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